Vibration Analysis Equipment

Vibration Analysis Equipment

Product overview:Vibration analysis equipment are widely used and defense, aerospace, communication, electronics, automobile, household electrical appliances and other industries.Early failure

Product Details

Vibration Analysis Equipment Specification

Product overview:Vibration analysis equipment are widely used and defense, aerospace, communication, electronics, automobile, household electrical appliances and other industries.Early failure, this type of equipment is used for assessment of simulating actual working condition and structure strength test, the product application scope is broad and wide applicable, test effect is remarkable, and reliable. IEC 60065 clause 12.1.2 vibration test

● Humanized operate and control, using professional measurement and control software, make the equipment working more stable, more reliable

● The whole machine adopts complex industrial material manufacturing, precision machining, silent

● Panel using magnesium aluminum alloy materials, is completely isolated magnetic field interference, effectively prevent the analyte magnetization

● Frequency sweep and constant frequency operation mode, to adapt to the testing requirements of different industries

● High precision frequency output, synchronous excitation at four o 'clock, mesa vibration evenly

● Magnetic resistance and strong anti-jamming capability

● Have a safe and reliable protection

● The machine body is made of high efficiency low noise fan cooling to ensure long run continuously

● With constant vibration amplitude vibration and constant acceleration

Vibration Analysis Equipment Technical parameters

Frequency range(Hz):5~60

Frequency sweep range(Hz): 5~60

Maximum acceleration(m/s2):320

The maximum load test(kg): 60

The largest displacement of no-load(mmp-p): 0~4.5(Adjustable, constant amplitude)

The vibration waveform: Sine wave

The axial vibration:vertical

Vibration mode:Mechanical vibration

Cooling way:Air cooling

Working temperature requirements(℃): 0~+40

Working humidity requirements(%RH):0-90,No condensation

The power supply requirements:Single phase AC 220V/50Hz ±10%

The system power consumption(KVA):2.2

Countertop materials:Magnesium alloy casting

Mesa screw size(standard):M8(Can be customized)

Mesa screw number:32pcs(Can be customized)

total weight(kg):90

worktable sizeW.D.H(mm): 700×560×22

Machine body sizeW.D.H(mm):700×560×680

Vibration controller parameters

Products overview: adopt international advanced distributed system organization system, 32-bit floating point DSP processor, the vibration control system technology performance is further improved.

Modularization and low noise design technology, installed in the control box, connected by usb and computer simple, application software based on Windows 8, USES the adaptive control algorithm of the powerful function of control software.

High control precision, wide dynamic range.

● System has a fully automatic safety test system, in order to protect the test equipment and the normal use of the specimens.

● Early experiments: on, press automatic test system circuit connection status, clew connection status.

● Out-of-tolerance alarm and interrupt: system can automatically detect out-of-tolerance alarm and interrupt automatically protect downtime

● System real time record run curve, and automatically saved.

● Built-in powerful database, high precision amplitude adjust predictors, effectively improve the work efficiency.

Technical parameters

Frequency range(Hz):5~60

Control mode:computer control

Operation mode:Fixed frequency, sweep frequency, period

Frequency sweep method: linear, logarithmic, frequency doubling

Run data saving and output: images can save and print output curve

Operating system requirements:Window XP 、Window 7 、Window 8

Computer interfaces:USB 2.0

Control cabinet sizeW.D.H (mm):380×255×170

Control cabinet weight(kg):10

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