Digital Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile and compression testing machine is widely used in mechanical properties of metal, non-metallic materials, such as drawing, pressing and bending shear.

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Digital Tensile Testing Machine adopts computer control, which are widely used in rubber, plastics, wire and cable, textiles, waterproof material, non-woven fabrics and other non-metallic materials and metal wire, metal foil, sheet metal and metal mechanical properties test, with special fixture is also suitable for all kinds of finished products tensile, compression, peel, cut, tear, bend test (passbook).

Can print a number of data, can make graphic output comparison according to different data, high

control accuracy, easy to operate;Modular design, a variety of accessories complete, flexible collocation.

Universal test machine is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties of metals such as tension,compression, bending, etc.According to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards can be automatically calculated tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, elastic modulus and other parameters.

Universal test machine can make curve categories: load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time, stress-strain, strain-time, stress-time.The vertical and horizontal coordinates of the curve can be set arbitrarily.

Executive standard: GB/ t16491-1996 electronic universal testing machine;


Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum test force: 10KN;

2. Accuracy grade: 0.5;

3. Test force measurement range: 0.4%~100%FS;

4. Relative error of test force indicator: within 0.5% of the indicator;

5. Resolution of test force: 1/300000 of the maximum test force (the full range resolution remains unchanged);

6. Deformation measurement range: 0.2%~100%FS;

7. Relative error of deformation indicator: within 0.50% of the indicator;

8. Deformation resolution: 1/300000 of the maximum deformation;

9. Large deformation measurement range: 10~800mm;

10. Relative error of large deformation indication value: within 0.50%;

11. Large deformation resolution: 0.008mm;

12. Relative error of displacement indicator: within 0.5% of the indicator;

13. Displacement resolution: 0.05 m

14. Force control rate adjustment range: 0.01~5%FS/S;

15. Relative error of force control speed: within 1% of the set value;

16. Adjustment range of deformation rate: 0.02~5%FS/S;

17. Relative error of deformation control rate: within 1% set value;

18. Beam speed adjustment range: 0.001~500mm/min;

19. Relative error of beam speed: when the speed <0.01mm/min, the set value shall be within 1.0%;When the rate was 0.01mm/min, the set value was within 0.2%;

20. Control range of constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement: 0.5%~100%FS;

21. Control accuracy of constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement: within 0.1% of the set value 10%FS; When the set value <10%FS, the set value shall be within 1%;

22. Stretching space (without fixture) : 1000mm;

23. Effective drawing space (including fixtures) : 650mm;

24. Effective test width: 340mm;

25. Host size (length width height) : 620 460 1530 (mm);

26. Power supply: 220V 10%, 200/400w;

27. Weight of main engine: about 150kg.

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