Tensile Strength Testing Equipment

Tensile Strength Testing Equipment applied force on the sample.Special tests for stretching, bending,compression or shear are classified according to the direction of the strain in the sample and the speed of the force.The basic test is performed by a standard plast

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Tensile Strength Testing Equipment adopts the mechanical and electrical integration design, mainly composed of the measuring force sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load driving mechanism, computer and color inkjet printer.   The plastic tension tester applied force on the sample.Special tests for stretching, bending,compression or shear are classified according to the direction of the strain in the sample and the speed of the force.The basic test is performed by a standard plastic tensile testing machine.They are usually loaded at a speed range of 0.1mm/min to 500mm/min, and different materials require different test speeds.

Design Standard:

GB/T 16491, GB/T 1040, GB/T 8808, GB/T 13022, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2792, GB/T 17200, GB/T 3923.1, GB/T 528, GB/T 2611, GB/T 634410654, HG/T 2580, JC/T 777, QB/T 2171, HG/T 2538, CNS 11888, JIS K6854, pstc-7, ISO 37, AS 1180.2, BS EN 1979, BS EN ISO 1421, BS EN ISO 1798, BS EN ISO 9163, DIN EN ISO 1798, GOST 18299, DIN 53357, ISO 2285, ISO34-1, ISO 34-2, BS 903, BS 5131, DIN EN 12803, DIN EN 12995, din53507-a, DIN53339, ASTM D3574, ASTM D6644, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2061, ASTM D1445, ASTM D2290, ASTM D412, ASTM D3759/D3759M, etc


ItemPlastic servo-controlled tensile testing machine
range of speed0.005~500mm/min
Machine WeightAbout 300~500Kg
Power supply  220V,  50/60Hz
Accuracy0.5 class/1class
Operatecomputer control
Effective test width380/560mm  (be customized)

Ii. Introduction To Software Functions

A. Modular function of test standard: it provides the test standard setting required by user setting, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS...Test standard specification. 

B. Test data: all test data set by the user shall be provided, and the input data shall be reused permanently.The formula can be modified to improve the fit of test data. 

C. Double report editing: completely open users can edit the report for the tester to choose their preferred report format (the built-in EXCEL report editing function added in the test program expands the previous pattern of single professional report)

D. Each length, force unit and display digit shall be dynamically interchanged, with force units T, Kg, N, KN, g, lb and deformation units mm, cm and inch. 

E. Auto Scale of graph curve can make the graph display better.And can be tested in real - time graphics dynamic switch.With load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time, stress-strain load-2 point elongation diagram, and multi-curve comparison. 

F. Test results can be output in EXCEL format. 

G. End can be automatically archived, manual archive, testing completed automatically calculate big strength, upper and lower yield strength, hysteresis loop method, successive approximation method, extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, the strength of any focal point elongation, any focal point load extension, elastic modulus, elongation, stripping interval value, average value, small, net energy, turn-back energy, total energy, bending modulus, breakpoint displacement x x % % load, breakpoint load on the displacement, and so on. 

Data backup: test data can be saved in any hard disk partition. 

H. Multiple languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English. 

I. The software has the function of demonstrating historical test data. 


3. Accessories

A. One copy of one-year warranty and one copy of Chinese operation manual. 

B. A set of standard tension clamps will be presented to you. Other clamps are optional. 

C. One piece of special testing software for tension machine. 

D. A set of brand computers and a color printer

Testable items

(I) general test items :(general display value and calculated value)

Tensile stress

Breaking strength breaking elongation

Constant stress elongation

Constant stress force value tear strength

Elongation at any point

Drawing force adhesive force and peak value

Pressure test adhesion force stripping test

Bending test drawing force puncture force test

(ii) special test items:

1. Elastic coefficient is young's modulus of elasticity

Definition: ratio of normal stress component to normal strain with the same phase.To determine the coefficient of material rigidity, the higher the value, the stronger the material. 

2. Proportion limit: the relationship between load and elongation can be maintained in a certain range, and the large stress is the ratio limit. 

3. Elastic limit: large stress that the material can bear without permanent deformation. 

4. Elastic deformation: the deformation of the material completely disappears after the load is removed. 

5. Permanent deformation: after the load is removed, the material still remains deformed. 

6. Yield point: when the material is stretched, the deformation increases rapidly but the stress remains unchanged. This point is the yield point.The yield point is divided into upper yield point and lower yield point. 

Yield: the load beyond the proportional limit is no longer proportional to the elongation, the load will drop suddenly, and then in a period of time, up and down, elongation greater change, this phenomenon is called yield. 

7. Yield strength: the load at which the permanent elongation reaches a specified value at stretching, divided by the original area of the parallel part, the quotient obtained. 

8. Spring K value: ratio of force component with deformation and phase to deformation. 

9. Effective elasticity and hysteresis loss:

When the specimen is stretched to a certain elongation rate or to a specified load at a certain speed on a tension machine, the percentage of the work recovered when the specimen contracts and the work consumed when the specimen is stretched is determined to be effective elasticity.The hysteresis loss is defined as the percentage of the energy lost during the elongation and contraction of the specimen to the work consumed during the elongation.





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