Universal Tensile Strength Tester

Universal tensile strength tester is mainly used for testing and analyzing the mechanical properties of various metal.

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Universal tensile strength tester is mainly used for testing and analyzing the mechanical properties of various metal, non-metal and composite materials with test load less than 2000N.With four closed-loop control modes of stress, strain, load and displacement, the maximum strength, tensile strength, bending strength, compression strength, elastic modulus, fracture elongation, yield strength and other parameters can be obtained.Test and provide test data according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards.And the test data curve superposition analysis processing, storage, printing, drawing curve, printing a complete report sheet, process adjustment and production control.It meets the standard requirements of GB/ t16491-2008 electronic universal testing machine.The structure of the machine has fully considered the relevant principles of modern industrial design and ergonomics. The shell adopts alloy frame structure to enhance the stiffness coefficient and precision surface oxidation treatment, extend the service life of the machine and beautify the appearance.Both upper and lower Spaces can be used. 

Mainly applied to metal wire, metal foil, rubber, plastics, food packaging, composites, elastomers and wood products, biological materials, paper products, foam materials, textile fiber, cable, adhesive, connectors and other industries of tensile, compression, bending, bending, shear, peel, tear, piercing, bursting test.


Technical Parameters:

1. Model: LR

2. Accuracy grade: 0.5

3. Maximum load: 2000N

4. Effective force range: 0.2/100-100%;

5. Test force resolution, maximum load of 1 million yards;The inside and outside are not divided, and the resolution remains the same.

6. Effective test width: 120mm

7. Effective test space: 300mm

8. Test speed: 0.001~300mm/min(any adjustment)

9. Speed accuracy: within 0.5% of the indicated value;

10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within 0.5% of the indicated value;

11. Deformation measurement accuracy: within 0.5% of the indicated value;

12. Test bench lifting device;Fast/slow two speed control, can point move;

13. Test bench device: electronic limit protection

14. Test bench return: manually return to the initial position of the test at the maximum speed, and automatically return at the end of the test;

15. Automatic stop at fixed time of test, automatic stop at fixed deformation of test and automatic stop at fixed load of test

16. Overload protection: automatic protection when the maximum load exceeds 10%;

17. Power supply: 200W

18. Weight of main engine: 70kg

19. Power supply voltage :220V

20. Host size: 430*315*855mm




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