Elongation Testing Machine

Elongation testing equipment is used to test various materials, semi-finished products and finished products of tensile strength, compressive strength and the elongation, can do the peel, tear, bending, bending and compression test, suitable for metal, plastic, rubber, textile, synthetic chemicals, wire and cable, leather and other industries use.

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Elongation testing machine is suitable for rubber and plastic, paper products, color printing and packaging, adhesive tape, bags and bags, textiles, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food, electronic wires and other industries.It can test the physical properties of all kinds of materials, finished products and semi-finished products, and various kinds of jig can be selected for the tests of tensile strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending resistance, tearing, stripping, adhesion, shear force and so on.

This machine is a newly designed and developed microcomputer tensile (compression) force testing machine.The company has completely changed the shortcomings of the traditional material testing machine, such as unwieldy, complex operation and single performance. The structure is made of aluminum extruded sealing plate with high precision, low resistance, no clearance screw and guide

column.The data acquisition and operation speed of the measurement and control system are high, and the test results can be displayed by LCD or printed by the printer.The product performance is stable and reliable, the measurement accuracy is high, the operation is simple and easy to understand.


Capacity to choose:50,100,200 kg is optional

Display:Liquid crystal display (LCD)

Accuracy of force measurement:Is better than that of plus or minus 1.0%

Force resolution:1/10000

Effective force range:1 ~ 100% F.S

Precision of deformation indication:Is better than that of plus or minus 1.0%

Test range:50 ~ 500mm/min, adjustable

Maximum run:Maximum 600mm without fixture

Effective test space:Before and after about 120 mm,

Power unit switching:KGF, gf, N, kN, Ibf

Stress unit switching:MPa, kPa, KGF /cm2, Ibf/in2

Morphing unit switching:Mm, cm, in

Stop way:Upper and lower limit safety setting, emergency stop button, specimen failure detection

The machine size:50 * 45 * 130 cm (W * D * H)

The machine weight:About 75 kg

Motor:AC speed regulating motor

The power supply:AC220V, 50/60hz, 10A or specified

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