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Product Introduction:

Universal tensile machine is widely used in all kinds of hardware, metal, rubber and plastic, shoe materials, leather, clothing, textile, insulator, wire and cable, terminal and other kinds of materials, testing its tensile, tearing, stripping, compression, bending shear resistance,...And other physical properties test performance.

Design standard:GB/T 16491, GB/T 1040, GB/T 8808, GB/T 13022, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2792, GB/T 17200, GB/T 3923.1, GB/T 528, GB/T 2611, GB/T 634410654, HG/T 2580, JC/T 777, QB/T 2171, HG/T 2538, CNS 11888, JIS K6854, pstc-7, ISO 37, AS 1180.2, BS EN 1979, BS EN ISO 1421, BS EN ISO 1798, BS EN ISO 9163, DIN EN ISO 1798, GOST 18299, DIN 53357, ISO 2285, ISO34-1, ISO 34-2, BS 903, BS 5131, DIN EN 12803, DIN EN 12995, din53507-a, DIN53339, ASTM D3574, ASTM D6644, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2061, ASTM D1445, ASTM D2290, ASTM D412, ASTM D3759/D3759M, etc

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Capacity:0-200kg imported force transfer servo sensor;

2. Motor: 400w servo motor

3. Drive: 400w servo drive

4. Screw rod: imported ball screw rod;

5. Control mode: computer control, Windows mode operation;

6. Speed: the speed can be adjusted from 0.1-500mm/min;

7. Maximum stroke: 900mm (including fixtures);

8. Decomposition degree under load: 1/250,000;

9. Load accuracy: 0.5%;

10. Unit switching: gf/ KGF /N/ kN/LBf/T;

11. Overall dimensions :(L*W*H) 520*515*1250mm;

12. Weight: about 68KG

13. Power:AC 220 v

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