Tensile Strength Machine

The structure adopts the steel plate and aluminum extruded plate with advanced baking paint, with high precision, low resistance, seamless precision screw and guiding column, which improves the load efficiency and structural rigidity.

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Tensile strength machine is suitable for aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metal materials and products, wire and cable, rubber, paper and plastic color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, bags handbags, textile fibers, textile bags, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.To test the physical properties of the various materials and finished products, semi-finished products, choose a variety of fixture to do tensile, compressive, hold, hold pressure, bending, tear, peel, adhesion and shear test.It is an ideal testing and research equipment for factories, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities.

Design Standards:

ASTM D903, GB/T2790/2791/2792, CNS11888, JIS K6854, PSTC7,GB/T 453,ASTM E4,ASTM D1876,ASTM D638,ASTM D412,ASTM F2256,EN1719,EN 1939,ISO 11339,ISO 36,EN 1465,ISO 13007,ISO 4587,ASTM C663,ASTM D1335,ASTM F2458,EN 1465,ISO 2411,ISO 4587,ISO/TS 11405,ASTM D3330,FINAT.......



1. Tensile testing machine has completely changed the new material testing machine for the whole calculator operation, which was developed from the shortcomings of the conventional material testing machine, which is bulky, complex and complicated.

2. The structure adopts the steel plate and aluminum extruded plate with advanced baking paint, with high precision, low resistance, seamless precision screw and guiding column, which improves the load efficiency and structural rigidity.

3. The control system adopts the motor of the whole digital communication server to ensure that the transmission system is high in efficiency, stable in transmission, low in noise and accurate in speed.

4. Microcomputer system by commercial calculator as the main control machine, cooperate with the company's QCTech testing software, can complete all of the test parameters setting, working state control, data acquisition and processing analysis, result display and printing output;

5. Dedicated measurement and control system is specially designed for microcomputer electronic universal testing machine.It can stretch, compress, bend, shear, tear and peel off test.The data acquisition, preservation, processing and printing test results of PC and interface board are adopted.It can calculate the maximum force, yield force, average stripping force, maximum deformation, yield point, elastic modulus and other parameters;It can perform curvilinear processing, graphical graphical interface, flexible data processing, ms-access database support, making the system more powerful.


Parameters And Specifications

A. Software Technical Parameters:

1. Adopt the Windows work platform, and the parameter setting is handled in the form of dialog box, and the operation is simple;

2. Using a single image operation, no screen switching is required;

3. The software interface has many languages in Chinese and English.

4. Self-regulation test form mode;

5. Test data can be directly called in the main screen;

6. The data comparison of multiple curves can be carried out by means of translation and comparison.

7. There are various measuring units of KGF, LBF, N, KN, KPa and Mpa.

8. Automatic return function;

9. Automatic calibration function, with input direct switching;

10. Function of self-defining test method;

11. Experimental data operation analysis function;

12. Functions of automatic magnification ratio of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, in order to achieve the most appropriate size of the graph automatic switching, data acquisition frequency of 6000HZ;

 B. Hardware Technical Parameters:







Range Of Speed




Servo Motor

AC Motor

Capacity  Choice

0-500KG,Load cell   Option(1KG,2KG,5KG,10KG,20KG,50KG,100KG,200KG,500KG)


850mm(excluding   clamp)

Sensor Sensitivity


Effective Testing Space





Operation Method

Windows operation


Tensile grips, system operation manual






1PH, AC220V, 50/60Hz

Force Protection

System setting

Emergency Stop Device

Upper and lower limit safety setting, emergency stop key, program strength and elongation setting, test piece damage sensing

Computer Connector

RS232,Provide USB Convertor

Computer System

Support Windows XP,Win 7 and Win 10,QC Tech software,At the same time, the power, elongation and test graphics (resolution 1024 x 768) are available, which can be selected by various test modes, such as tensile, compression, bending, Peel and Shear test.

Unit Choose


Automatic-servo-motor-computerized-test-single-column (1)


Software Menu

Automatic-servo-motor-computerized-test-single-column (2)



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