Rotational Rheometer

Rotational rheometer is an instrument widely used in rubber processing industry for controlling the quality of rubber materials, rapid inspection and basic research of rubber.

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Rotational rheometer is an instrument widely used in rubber processing industry for controlling the quality of rubber materials, rapid inspection and basic research of rubber. It provides accurate data for the optimal combination of rubber formula, and can accurately measure parameters such as coking time, positive vulcanization time, vulcanization index and large and small torque.

The vulcanizing instrument includes: main engine, computer, temperature measurement, temperature control, data acquisition and processing, sensor and electrical interlock, etc.Among them, the circuit of temperature measurement and control is composed of measurement and control module, platinum resistance and heater, which can automatically track the change of power grid and environment temperature and automatically correct PID parameters to achieve the purpose of rapid and accurate temperature control.Data acquisition system and electromechanical interlock complete the automatic detection of moment signal of rubber vulcanization process, automatic real-time display of temperature value and set value.After vulcanization, automatic processing, automatic calculation, printing vulcanization curve and process parameters.Display curing time and curing moment.The computer displays the vulcanization process in real time, and the change of "temperature" and "time-torque" can be clearly seen from the above.


Machine Features

This test instrument has the following characteristics:

1. High precision and wide range of temperature control.(plus or minus 0.1 ℃)

2. Clock programming function.(setting and modifying time)

3. Switch power supply with advanced technology and wide voltage stabilizing range.

4. Import integrated circuit and control components.

5. All Englishcharacters.

6. It meets the requirements of GB/ t16584-1996 (vulcanization characteristics of rubber are tested by rotor-less vulcanizer) and ISO6502.

Powerful microprocessors use imported chips of high quality.On the one hand, computers and microprocessors can take signals from torque sensors and record them on graphs.At the same time, the computer and the measurement and control module interface for data exchange, and control the temperature of the cavity.

The rotorless vulcanizer is designed with a range of interlocking functions, including closing plastic glass doors.If the door is not closed, the mold will not close.Only when the door is securely closed can the mold be closed.Before work can begin.

All in all, compared with other models, this type of vulcanizer has more stable performance, more accurate, cheaper and better quality, and complete functions.It is an instrument for testing Properties of rubber.

Technical specifications and specifications

The vulcanizer is standard: astmd5289-95 iso6502-1999 (E) GB/ t16584-1996

Range of temperature: room temperature - 200 ℃

Temperature measuring accuracy: 100-200 ℃, ≤ 0.1 ℃

Stability of temperature control: 100-200 ℃, ≤0.1 ℃

Set the range: 0-200 ℃;Set a small unit: 0.1 ℃

Temperature display range: 0-200 ℃;Display resolution: 0.1 ℃

Set time range: 0-200 minutes;Set a small unit: 1 minute

Automatic range switching: automatically increases according to actual torque

Power supply: 50HZ, ~ 220V± 10%, 50 1Hz, must be well grounded

Compressed air: 0.32mpa controlled by pneumatic control valve

Swing frequency: 100 times/min (about 1.7hz)

Ambient temperature: room temperature 40 ℃, relative humidity is less than 80%, no corrosive gas in the air

Material quality: 250 kg

Power: 2 kw

External size: 680 *630 *1100 (mm)



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