Moving Die Rheometer

Moving Die Rheometer

Moving die rheometer rheometer is used to control the quality of rubber, rubber processing industry rapidly test and rubber basic research.

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Summary Of The Equipment

Moving die rheometer rheometer is used to control the quality of rubber, rubber processing industry rapidly test and rubber basic research, the most widely used instrument for rubber optimization combination formula provides accurate data, can be precisely measured scorch time, positive rheometer time, sulfide, index and parameters such as maximum and minimum torque.

The Main Features

1. The non-rotor rheometer adopts the latest version of the latest domestic software, which has the characteristics of fast heating (within 3 minutes) and high temperature control.。

2. The non - rotor rheometer adopts alpha - sealed cavity structure and is in the international leading position.

3. The non - rotor vulcanizer adopts advanced alpha force sensor technology.:(Sensor accuracy 0.001N.m)

4. No rotor rheometer using advanced alpha type sealed cavity structure, by importing seal rotating cavity and fixed sealed cavity, and closed type cavity and the general structure of the open cavity is not the same, its precision and requirements and advanced nature is not matching.Airtight mold cavity repeatability completely consistent, in the international leading position.

Working Principle:

Put rubber sample in almost completely sealed cavity, and maintain under the test temperature, the cavity has a fluctuation two parts, one part under with tiny linear reciprocating movement (swing oscillation), oscillation samples can produce shear strain, the determination of sample of cavity reaction torque (power), the torque (power) depends on the size of the shear modulus of the rubber.  

Sulfide increases the shear modulus of samples after the trial begins, computer machine real-time display and record torque (power), when the torque (power) up to a maximum stable value or even return status, then get a torque (power) and the relation curve of time, namely, vulcanization curve (as shown in figure 1), the shape of the curve and test the temperature and the properties of the rubber.

Application Industry

It is the most important testing instrument for the development of new products, the research of the formulation of rubber materials, the control of the quality of rubber materials and the application of rubber basic research.It is widely used in all kinds of rubber products.

Test Standard

The non-rotor vulcanization test instrument conforms to GB/T16584 rubber -- determination of vulcanization characteristics by non-rotor vulcanization instrument, ISO6502 requirements and the Italian standard requirements of T10, T30, T50, T60, T90 data.

Technical Specification



Temperature Control Range


Temperature Fluctuation Range


Torque Resolution


Torque Accuracy


 Torque Unit


Temperature Display Resolution.


Temperature Recovery Time After Mold Closing


Temperature Unit

C(degree centigrade )、F(Fahrenheit degree )、K(degree Kelvin)

Sampling Rate



English、Chinese、Chinese traditional

Test Standard

GB/T 16584、ASTM D5289、ISO 6502

Calculated Parameters


Software Interface


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