Mfi Machine

MFI Machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 3682-2000 thermoplastic melt mass flow rate and melt volume flow rate Determination.

Product Details

MFI Machine (Test Method A)

As per ASTM D 1238 & ISO 1133 - (Test Method A) to check the melt flow rate (MFR) of thermoplastics and compounds with auto cutting of flowing extrudate and prelogic facility.


Temperature controller: 

             • Micro processor based PID controller with temperature range from ambient to 400°C, resolution of 0.1°C and accuracy of ± 0.1°C.

             • Timer : Digital Timer with a range up to 999.9 seconds with preset facility & buzzer output.

             • Sample cutting : Auto [Motorized]

             • Weights : 1.2 kg, 2.16 kg, 3.8 kg, 5 kg & 21.6 kg.

             • Accessories : Standard accessories*

             • Paint : Powder coated.

             • Power : 230 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase.

Unique Features

Digital Melt flow index tester as per method A of ASTM D 1238 with auto cutting facility. This model has a prelogic incorporated with built in program for the easy operation. The complete flow path of operation such as Preheating time, Reject time, Test time, Number of tests can be set permanantly in the program so that when pressed start on temperature stability the complete logic would automatically function and number of sample cuts would be obtained with respect to time. Based on this collection using a separate weighing scale the results can be calculated.

Use industry


Melt flow index

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