ISO 2884 Intelligent Rotary Dilution Viscometer

ISO 2884 Intelligent Rotary Dilution Viscometer

Introduction: BEVS 1131 Intelligent rotary dilution viscometer is used to measure the viscosity of most non-Newtonian and Newtonian fluids. The speed is 562 rpm. It is a two-in-one instrument for researching the viscosity of materials and on-line inspection of products. It is easy to...

Product Details

Principle description:

The sample is usually placed in a 250ml container fixed on a magnetic base, the rotor is immersed in the sample by a motor with a constant speed, and the disk or spherical rotor rotates in the sample at a constant speed (562r.p.m.). The torque driven by the motor is measured and converted to viscosity.

Technical Specification: 

-Spindle speed:562 rpm ± 1%

-Spindle:3 models of spindles(spindle 1, spindle 2, spindle 3)

-Measuring ranges:

Spindle 1:  0 - 25P        0 - 2500cP 

Spindle 2:  0.1 - 80P    10 - 8000cP

Spindle 3:  1 - 360P     100 - 36000cP

-Resolution:0.1P 1Cp 

-Accuracy:  ±1%(full scale)

-Repeatability:±0.5%(full scale)

-Sample can: 250ml tin can

-Input voltage:100-240VAC / 50-60Hz


ISO 2884, BS 3900 A7

Order Information: 

BEVS 1131/25   Intelligent Rotothinner  (0-25P)

BEVS 1131/80   Intelligent Rotothinner  (0.1-80P)

BEVS 1131/360 Intelligent Rotothinner  (1-360P)


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