Automatic Cupping Tester

Introduction: BEVS Automatic Cupping Tester is an advance technology to efficiently assess the elasticity and cupping resistance of various coatings, with a new generation micro-electro and CCD technology, also has strong functions such as can be video or photo the deformation process or result...

Product Details


Automatic Cupping Tester is is a testing instrument that  pushes the back of the metal testing plate coated with paint film with spherical punch at constant speed to observe the anti-cracking or separation of the front coating from the substrate under different deformation 

The test is either used as a "pass/fail" test by prest to a specified depth or defining the minimum depth at which a coating fails by gradually increasing the indentation, or carry out the deformation by indetation under standard conditions.


◆Touch screen control technology
◆Customized operation system 
◆Mouse directly connect with instrument 
◆Directly input testing parameter via screen or mouse
◆Realtime display cupping process 
◆Realtime monitor cupping image 
◆Realtime show cupping speed and depth 
◆With video and photo 
◆Automatic calibration zero
◆Manual and preset mode

Technical Specification:

◆Stroke length :0-15mm, accuracy:±0.01mm
◆Indenter speed : 0.02-0.4mm/s,accuracy: ±0.5mm
◆Control:  Automatic
◆Camera : Colorful CCD
◆Light source : LED light source 
◆Cupping result : Digital (resolution 0.001mm)
◆Interface: USB port for mouse & U disk & CCD 
◆Max. panel width : 70 mm
◆Max. panel thickness (steel)
  1.25 mm (Standard Speed 0.2mm/s)
◆Max. panel thickness (aluminum ): 
  3mm (Standard Speed 0.2mm/s)
◆Max.cupping force: 15KN
◆Power supply :  230 VAC-50 Hz (110V-60Hz option)


DIN ISO 1520

ISO 1520

BS 3900 : Part E4

NF T 30-019

SIS 18 41 77

External Camera System 

1606 Automatic Cupping Tester is upgraded with a new function that enable to connect computer for better improvement in the image resolution and clarity, taking pictures and video are available as well. There are two ways to observe the process of cupping, the one is in the cupping tester, another is in the computer. 

Order Information: 
 1606 Automatic Cupping Tester 
 1606/P/003 External Camera System

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