Minimum Film Forming Temperature Tester(MFTT)

Minimum Film Forming Temperature Tester(MFTT)

Description : When emulsion polymer is used to produce paint, adhesive, chemical blended fabric, surface treatment agents for leather or paper, its film forming property is very important. Apply an emulsion polymer or emulsion paint on the metal board, when the water has been evaporated, polymer...

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Minimum Film Forming Temperature Tester(MFTT) is mainly used to measure the minimum film forming temperature of polymer emulsion.In addition to its extensive use in the paint industry, it is also used in many application industries that require temperature gradient testing, such as: latex, adhesives, plastics, inks, food, cosmetics, chewing gum;Wrapping paper, adhesive, tape, heat transfer ribbon, etc.

Principle of low temperature film forming temperature tester

cooling source and heating source are respectively set on a suitable metal plate, and the temperature gradient is generated on the metal plate through the principle of metal heat conduction.A sample of uniform thickness is coated on the temperature gradient plate.Due to the different temperature on the gradient plate, the film formation of samples is also different.Finding the dividing line is the MFT temperature of the sample.

Executive standard: GB/ t9267-2008 and iso2115-76

Used to determine the minimum film forming temperature of polymer emulsion, the film forming property of polymer emulsion is one of the important properties when it is used as surface treatment agent for coating, adhesive, chemical fiber fabric, leather and paper.Polymer emulsion or latex coating on the metal plate, water evaporation, polymer particles interaction, at the appropriate temperature to form a continuous transparent film.The limit temperature of critical film forming is called the minimum film forming temperature of the polymer emulsion, or MFT temperature for short


Technical parameters of the minimum film forming temperature tester:

Gradient plate temperature range: -10℃ ~ 50℃ arbitrary adjustment

Gradient interval: 20 mm

Gradient plate detection point: 13

Test tank: 6 (length: 240mm, width: 22mm, depth: 0.25mm)

The inspection table shows: 16 points, of which 1 ~ 13 points are the working gradient temperature, 14 points are the ambient temperature of the instrument, and 15 and 16 points are the inlet and outlet temperature of cooling water.

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