Drop Weight Impact Test Machine

Drop Weight Impact Test Machine

Drop weight impact test machine is applicable to measure the impact mass and energy of 50% damaged plastic film or thin film with thickness less than 1mm under the impact of a given high degree of free falling dart.

Product Details


Falling dart impact tester, also known as film falling dart impact tester. The equipment is suitable for the determination of the impact mass and energy of 50% samples under the impact of free falling dart at a given height. By testing the impact resistance, it can prevent the damage of the packaging surface due to the impact and drop of the packaging material, and effectively avoid the damage caused by the impact or drop of the product in the circulation link.



● National and international standards are compatible at the same time

● Novel mechanical modeling and considerate operation design

● Test methods A and B dual-mode design

● Unique lighting observation lamp, convenient and fast test

● Microcomputer processing of test data

● The test process is intelligent, which greatly improves the work efficiency

● The samples are clamped and released by air to reduce the test error and test time

● No manual drawing marks are required in the test process, and the data parameters are displayed on the LCD system

● Automatic identification and calculation of test data system without manual intervention

● The test ends automatically, and the results are displayed in multiple units and output by microtyping


Working Principle:

Trial begins, the first choice experiment method, the initial quality and Δ m value, a test, if the first sample damaged, with Jordan farmar Δ m reduce fall quality;If the first is not broken, quality must be used farmar Δ m increase fall in this experiment.In short, the use of weights to reduce or increase the mass of the falling body depends on whether the previous sample is damaged or not.After 20 samples are tested, the total number of damages N is calculated. If N is equal to 10, the test is completed.If N is less than 10, continue to test until N is equal to 10 after supplementing the sample.If N is greater than 10, continue the test until the total number of undamaged samples is equal to 10 after sample replenishment. Finally, the impact result will be calculated automatically by the system.


Basic Operation Steps:

To choose test method, the system is powered on to estimate the initial impulse and Δ m to increase or decrease according to the result of impact Δ m, the system automatically calculate the progress to automatically determine whether meet the end conditions, according to test results to print the test report, test end.


Technical Indicators:

Measurement method: A method, B method (optional)

Test range: method A: 50 ~ 2000g method B: 300 ~ 2000g

Test accuracy: 0.1g(0.1j)

Test conditions: 23 ℃ 50% RH (standard)

Sample clamping: pneumatic

Sample size: > 150mm x 150mm

Power source: AC 220V 50Hz

Net weight: 70 kg

Overall dimensions:

A: method: (L) 500 mm x 450 mm x 1320 mm (H) (B)

B: 500 x 450 mm (L) (B) x 2160 mm (H) mm


Standard:GB 9639, ASTM D1709, JIS K7124

Standard configuration:

A method of configuration

Optional parts: method B configuration

Note: the gas source is provided by the user


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