What Is A Tear Strength Tester? Can Its Accuracy Be Verified?

- Aug 17, 2019-

Tearing instrument /Tear strength tester is a basic instrument for testing the tearing degree of paper, board and film according to the Elmendorf method.At present, there are mainly two kinds of pointer dial and digital display.The dial type of pointer is used to indicate the tearing degree by the Angle of the pendulum tearing sample;The digital display is directly used to record the rotation Angle of the pendulum tear sample to represent the tear value.The former has a low resolution and a large human error, and can not eliminate the influence of the friction resistance of the pendulum axis and the pointer.The latter has high resolution, resolution force reaches 0.1mn, no human error, and can automatically eliminate or compensate the error caused by the friction resistance of the pendulum axis and the friction resistance of the pointer.

According to the standard requirements, the accuracy of the indicated value of the tearing instrument is ±1%, and the following formula is used to verify the calibration according to the standard: F=m(h1-h0)/0.086 (F-- the tearing value;M -- -- check weight;(h1-h0) -- -- check the difference between the weight center of gravity line at the highest position and the starting position.At present, among all kinds of tear gauges produced in China, rh-sl1000 computer tear gauges can be verified according to the above national standards, and the accuracy reaches the requirement of ±1%.The instrument has a special calibration procedure, which allows users to easily calibrate

Parameters as follows:

1. Measuring range :(10~ 11,000) mN

2. Resolution: 0.1mn

3. Accuracy: ±1.0%

4. Tearing arm :(104±1) mm

5. Initial tearing Angle: 27.5°±0.5°

6. Distance between paper clips :(2.8±0.3)mm

7. Incision length of sample :(20±0.5)mm

8. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

9. Overall dimension (length × width × height) : 450×330×440 mm

10. Mass: about 20kg