Vibration Table Calculation Formula

- Oct 31, 2019-

Vibration table calculation formula;

1, * gran [1] speed 20g

* grand acceleration =0.002×f2 (frequency HZ) ×D (amplitude mmp-p)

Example :10HZ* grand acceleration =0.002×102×5=1g

The acceleration cannot be greater than 20g at any frequency

2. * large vibration amplitude < 5mm

* large vibration amplitude =20/ (0.002×f2)

For example: large vibration amplitude of 100Hz* =20/ (0.002×1002) =1mm

The amplitude shall not be greater than 5mm at any frequency

3. The larger the frequency, the smaller the amplitude


Vibration table is used to simulate the environment of electrical, electronic, automobile parts and other products and goods involved in transportation, and to test the vibration resistance of their products.Realize all functions needed for vibration test: sine wave, frequency modulation, sweep frequency, programmable frequency doubling, logarithm, acceleration, amplitude modulation, time control.