Packaging Test Method And Related Standards

- Nov 07, 2019-

Evaluate the ability of fragile product packaging to withstand various hazards during transportation.Improve the quality and competitiveness of products, especially those from low-cost production areas of the world

What are the packaging test standards and organizations:

ISTA, or the International Safe Transit Association.NSTA is an international non-profit organization formerly known as the national transportation safety association (NSTA). It now has hundreds of well-known shipping companies and laboratories worldwide.It has been committed to assist members to develop effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc., in order to improve the safety of product transport packaging performance, so as to prevent or reduce the product in the process of transportation and handling losses encountered.The organization has issued a series of standards as well as test procedures and test items as a uniform basis for assessing the safety of shipping packaging.

★ test standards: iata-1a,1B,1C,2A,3D,3E, etc.      

2.2. NMFTA

★ test standard: nmfta-rule 181 furniture packaging test.

2.3. FedEx

★ test standard: FedEx package test.

2.4. ASTM

★ testing standards: ASTM D4169,ASTM D5276, etc.

3. Use those national standards and test methods

3.1. ISTA procedure

★ test criteria: ista-1a 1C, 2A

3.2. NMFTA

★ test standard: nmfta-rule 181 furniture packaging test.

Rev. 3.3 FedEx 02/00

★ modified FedEx packaging test

3.4. Transportation test of modified packaging products

★ pallet packaging test, modified ISTA test

3. Introduction to ISTA 3a-modified

ISTA 3A is a general simulation test for independent packaging for delivery systems (air or land). The tests are generally divided into four types of independent packaging: standard, small, and long.

4. Packaging type definition?

4.1. Standard packaging: product packaging other than small and long thin packaging.

4.2. Small package: less than 800 cubic inches;* length not greater than 14 inches;It doesn't weigh more than 10 pounds.

4.3. Flat packing: * no less than 8 inches in short size;The other two sizes are four times or more of the smaller size;Not less than 800 cubic inches

4.4. Slim package: * the length shall not be less than 36 inches;The other two sizes are 1/5 or less of the * long size.

5. Test process


5.1. Measurement

General carton size:

Take the outer surface of the carton as an example. The size is in inches: length × width × height (MM/M).

Length is the outer long side

The width is the outer short edge

Height is the distance between the outer edges of the two ends

Measure the weight of the carton in pounds (kg)

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