Operation Procedure Of Package Vibration Testing Machine

- Nov 07, 2019-

The following is the operation procedure of packaging vibration testing machine:

A, connection

1. Insert the two plugs of the machine into the two sockets of the control box respectively

Big three core plug for motor power line.

The small three-core plug is for the sensor wire.

2, the machine must connect the earth, the ground wire on the machine case on the screw, one end connect the earth, the ground wire must ensure a good grounding.

Add lubricating oil

It must be refueled every day when it is used. The oil gun will drive the high-temperature lubricating oil into the nozzle at the bottom of the machine

Full boot operation.

Third, electricity

Insert the control box power cable plug into a 220VAC three-core or two-core socket with a good grounding wire.

4. Test time setting

Flip its dial code switch so that the corresponding value corresponds to the time you need.

5. Speed adjustment operation

After the time setting, check the speed control knob to see if it is placed in the small position of speed *. If it is not in the small position of speed *, turn it counterclockwise to the bottom to prevent the speed of the background body suddenly rising.

Press the start button, the time display and the speed display have the digital display to indicate the start, rotate the speed adjustment knob, gradually increase from small to large, the speed display from zero to the required value, stop the speed adjustment, can be set according to the time and speed test.