Introduction For Control System And Vibration Function Of Vibration Table

- Oct 31, 2019-

Control system of shaking table:

Display adopts Taiwan high precision digital display instrument

Precision frequency can be displayed to 0.01hz precision 0.1hz time: 0.1min

Program capacity has 120 groups of programs, each group of 99 segments, each segment can cycle the capacity of 999 steps, each time set * large value is 99 hours and 59 minutes

Other: display amplitude acceleration (purchased separately) : if you need to see amplitude, acceleration, * gran acceleration and accurate number, you need to purchase another measuring instrument ld-t1:0-20mm1g=9.8m/s2 acceleration =0.002×f2×D (unit g) f= frequency (unit HZ) D is amplitude (p-p)

Vibration function of vibration table:

1. Frequency modulation function: any frequency within the frequency range must be within (* acceleration <20g* amplitude <5mm)

2. Frequency sweep function :(upper frequency/lower frequency/time range) the real standard frequency sweep can be set arbitrarily

3. Programmable function: each of the 15 sections can be set at any time (frequency/time) and can be cycled

4, frequency doubling function: 15 times the number of increase, (1) low to high frequency (2) high to low frequency (3) low to high again to low frequency/cycle

5, logarithm function: (1) down to the upper frequency (2) down to the lower frequency (3) down to the lower frequency - three modes of logarithm/recyclable