How To Use Pencil Hardness Tester

- Oct 23, 2019-


Designed by ASTM 3363,ECCA-T4/1 Standard

The pencil hardness tester is designed and manufactured by hand and is indicated by the pencil label.Three points contact the tested surface (two points for two wheels, one point for the pencil cartridge) and always ensure that the pencil and the tested coating film form a 45 degree Angle, and force the pencil hardness tester to move horizontally to complete the test process, so as to determine the resistance of the coating to deformation.

Usage of pencil hardness tester:

1. Place the hardness gauge on the test piece (if the test piece is smaller than the durometer, place the test piece in front of the durometer and place the gasket under the front of the durometer in order to keep the durometer level.

2, use the blade cutting pencil lead, the pencil lead extruding part is about 3 ~ 5 mm, with sand paper to grind, then insert the pencil instruments, make the ink and tighten, after contact with the test piece (suggestion: pencil to hexagon, fixed when choosing a plane, after testing, rotating two plane and stationary test, two plane fixed rotation test again, a circular surface can be used three times) gasket to be test when removed.

Hold the center of the wheels with your thumb and middle finger.Remove the durometer by pushing it about 2cm~3cm from back to front, then erase the pencil with an eraser.(do not add any pressure when pushing hardness time)

4. Determine hardness and see whether there is scratch on the test piece.It is recommended to do at least three test positions above, and take the average.Hardness series from soft to hard respectively: 6 b. 5 b. 4 b. 3 b. 2 b. B.H B.F.H. 2 h 3 h. h. 4 5 6 h h. 7 h. h. 8 9 h, a total of 17.For example, there is no scratch on the surface of H pencil, no scratch on the surface of 2H pencil, and there is scratch on the surface of 3H pencil. Therefore, the hardness level of coating test piece is 2H

Pencil hardness tester is the coating manufacturing, coating (coating) industry for the quality of the determination of indicators.The product is widely used in testing the hardness of coating film.