Electromagnetic Vibration Testing Machine Operation Need To Pay Attention To What Problems

- Nov 07, 2019-

We have listed these precautions for your reference. If you operate this equipment ** times, you should know the following basic operations during operation:

1. Confirmation of power supply (the difference between 220V and 380V external incoming power supply)

2. Press the power switch to "ON", that is, turn ON the power, and the indicator light is ON. 

3, do not plug any connection line in the work.

4. The control box and the table have heat dissipation holes, and nothing can enter. 

5. Stop the machine immediately for check if there is any abnormality, and continue to use it after handling. 

6. Whether the button or switch is off before power connection, and whether there should be a separate leakage switch or air switch to match it. 

7. Do not operate immediately after the power switch is opened, but check whether each button is in the correct gear position.For example, whether the fine tuning button is in place before starting. 

8. When setting the internal code, that is, the parameter, it should be noted that it cannot be changed at will.The operator should follow the correct setting procedure, and each setting parameter should correspond to the corresponding internal code.Remember to press the reset button after setting the internal code to see if the C00 can appear on the digital device, then release the hand and run again. 

9. Do not drop anything into the table body, otherwise special conditions will occur in the use of the table body. 

10. If the current is too large, the fuse at the power cord port connected to the controller will burn out.At this time the operator should quickly stop the equipment, replace the fuse. 

11. Mesa connecting line is connected to the corresponding outlet. 

12. Fine-tune amplitude adjustment to "0" position before starting up. 

13, L type amplitude modulation output, to slowly rotate the amplitude to adjust the rotation, so that the table to achieve the desired amplitude. 

14, function output, mainly through the function of the regulator output frequency amplitude, at this time, fine-tuning amplitude modulation adjustment rotation only play a role of micro-regulation. 

15, adjust the amplitude should not be beyond the scope of the amplitude of the machine itself, otherwise there will be out of control or abnormal sound, should immediately stop working to correct. 

16, after normal work, or regular time operation, should be fixed the main table subject to test, in case of vibration displacement caused by the loss of objects. 

17, the table can not work in a constant time overload or no load of the state of large vibration amplitude. 

18. The control box is a power supply control unit, which can never withstand heavy objects and violent vibration.