Flexo Proofer

Color proofing multistage chromatograph can simultaneously print different colors of color or different ink thickness of the same ink color, or can print new and old ink on the same printing material for comparison, providing efficient color contrast.

Product Details

Flexo Proofer Function

Applicable objects: monochrome proofing (e.g. color matching, testing, etc.)

Input power supply: 220V, 50/60hz

Power: 300 w

Inking method: drip ink

Thickness of proofing material: 0.01-2mm (bendable material)

Proofing material size: 150×200mm

Printing area: 100×150mm

Plate area: 120×165mm

Plate thickness: 1.7mm thick flexible version adhesive 0.3mm

Pressure of plate roller and net roller: can be adjusted by 1mm, and the scale shows the pressure

Plate roller and imprint pressure: can be adjusted by 1mm, with scale indicating the pressure

Printing speed adjustable: 10-60 m/min

Specification of ceramic mesh roller: phi 70×140mm

Number of wire rolls of ceramic mesh: standard one (70-1200 wire can be customized)

Suitable inks: flexo waterborne, UV ink, lithography, letterpress ordinary or UV ink

Suitable for proofing materials: paper, plastic film, non-woven cloth, napkins, gold and silver paper, etc

External size (length × width × height) : 525×525×450mm

Net weight: 90KG

Optional UV curing device

The instrument can be coated, solid color, dot pattern proofing


Flexo proofer is suitable for a variety of tests, such as:

Measure color by means of a color measuring system or spectrophotometer

Used for color matching system

Visual evaluation,

Density measurement, including the establishment of color and density tolerance, determine ink coverage, wear resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, adhesion fastness and gloss, ink transfer rate, light resistance and chemical resistance

Test print quality

Function and Character 

1、Instruments can be coated,solid color,dot pattern sample
2、Ceramic roller first rotation on the ink uniform,printing material,printing plate drum synchronous start and rotation of a week to complete the work,ceramic roll,printing material drum and printing plate drum  operation synchronized to ensure the quality.
3、Scraper,ceramic roll,printing plate drum,printing cylinder four structures can be left and right along adjustment pressure,flexible adjustment;
4、The net roller,scraper disassemble easy and convenient
5、Adopt big drum structure,install printing material,install printing plate and clean printing plate is simple and convenient.

Printing suitability meter is suitable for all kinds of coated and uncoated substrate:

Paper, paperboard, plastic film, cellophane, laminated compound, label, textile, etc.

Printing suitability meter is suitable for the following industries:

Printing ink, paper and board, printing

Plastics, packaging and labelling industries

Resin, paint and coatings industries

Other raw materials

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