Working principle of glow wire tester

- Aug 30, 2019-

Glow wire tester is a device that simulates parts of insulation or other solid combustible materials that are prone to flame spread inside the device.Under certain conditions, such as fault currents through wires, element overloads, and poor contact, some elements may reach a temperature that causes nearby parts to ignite.

Glow wire tester work principle: 

will govern nichrome wire material Φ 4 mm (U glow wire head) in large current heating to test temperature (300 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃), the rules for pressure (1.0 N) levels with burning hot try 30 s, experiment and bedding material whether light-off or the burning time is measured in electrical and electronic equipment products of fire risk;After the completion of the test, the burning time, ignition time (Ti), flame extinction time (Te) and flammability index (GWFI) were recorded.

Hot wire head: measuring the temperature of the hot wire with a nominal value of diameter of 0.5 mm armoured thermocouple, filaments wire for nickel chromium and nickel aluminum wire (K), suitable for continuous operation under the condition of temperature 960 ℃, the welding point is located in the armor set inside, used to measure the hot wire temperature thermocouple, the armor sets of metal can at least 1050 ℃ temperature.