What preparation should be done before using salt spray testing machine

- Nov 07, 2019-

Before using the salt spray testing machine, we need to make a series of preparations, and the warranty equipment will go on smoothly. What are the specific preparations? Let's have a look at them:

1. Add enough distilled or deionized water in the bottom heating tank below to prevent the box from drying and aging during heating.

2. An appropriate amount of distilled or deionized water should be added to the water seal tank around the upper part of the equipment.

3. When distilled or deionized water is added to the air saturator and the required water level is reached, the air outlet valve and the saturator water filling valve must be closed.

4. Check whether the water pipes between the water tank and the sprayer in the work room are well connected. Add the prepared salt solution into the water tank.

5. Check the fog exhaust pipe at the back of the box;

6. Set up the funnel inside the box and check whether the connection pipe between the funnel and the mist collector is unobstructed and intact.

7. Check the connection pipe between air source and saturator.

8. Open the lid of the box, place the sample correctly on the rack of the sample in the working room, keep a certain distance between the sample and the sample, and then close the lid of the box.

The above is the preparation method of the salt spray tester in use, small make up also know that for the first time contact with the salt spray tester user for the operation method is strange, the following is to introduce the operation method of this equipment:

1. Install the internal parts of the equipment: tower spray device, funnel, round rod, v-type sample rack, etc.

2. Connect air source and turn on the switch.

3. Add water to the pressure barrel and box, stop adding water after the two low-water lamps are out, and seal the tank with water.

4. Mix purified water with sodium chloride in a ratio of 1:20.Pour the prepared solution into the test entrance.

5. Turn on the operation, spray and timing switches after all lights are off. Turn on the defogging switch after the end of the test.

6, according to the test requirements of the machine continuous and periodic spray two ways.