What plastic products include

- May 21, 2020-

Routine testing

One hundred plastic products density, thickness, color difference, gloss, light transmittance, haze, Shore hardness, Rockwell hardness

Plastic mechanics function test:

Tensile strength, torsion strength, impact function, tightening function, tear strength, shear strength, creep function, etc.

Plastic flame resistance test:

Evaluation of level incineration, straight incineration, oxygen index, smoke density and various data incineration grades.

Plastic thermal function detection:

Melt index, glass transition temperature, heat distortion temperature, Vicat softening point, linear expansion coefficient, melt viscosity, rheological analysis

Analysis of the characteristics of plastic raw materials: special

Density, raw material determination, ash, hardness, marked roughness, IR detection, NMR detection.

Plastic weather resistance test:

Ultraviolet aging, xenon lamp aging, ozone aging, hot air aging, salt spray test, liquid resistance, temperature shock, low temperature storage.

Plastic electrical function test:

External resistance, volume resistance, dielectric strength, dielectric constant, voltage test.

Analysis of plastic resin:

Analysis of resin trademark, resin ash content, evaporative content, viscosity and various chemical functions of resin.