What is the Vibration table difference between an electric type and an electromagnetic type

- Nov 07, 2019-

Electric vibration table is divided into two types: unbalanced weight type and CAM type.The unbalance weight block type is the centrifugal force generated when the unbalance weight rotates to excite the vibration table surface. The exciting force is directly proportional to the unbalance moment and the square of rotating speed. 

The air-cooled series of electrodynamic vibration test system covers the different requirements from uniaxial to multi-degree of freedom, and the thrust ranges from 3KN to 50KN for various models of electrodynamic vibration table.This series vibration table has high reliability, wide working frequency, small floor area, easy to move, easy to operate and maintain, adopts the amplifier full digital architecture design, 3 times instantaneous power fast output, the system dynamic range is better than 65dB, the amplifier noise is lower to -68db, in addition, it can simulate the vibration of earthquake, road and transportation. 

At present, electromagnetic vibration test bed is widely used. Electromagnetic vibration test bed is mainly used for the detection of electronic industry and other precision products industry. The vibration mode of electromagnetic vibration test bed has vertical direction, horizontal direction, or vertical + horizontal direction.Its frequency range * can be up to 5000Hz, wide dynamic range, easy to achieve automatic or manual control;Good acceleration waveform, suitable for generating random waves;You get a lot of acceleration

Electromagnetic vibration table is set up according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when the conductor of a constant magnetic field will be affected by a force, semiconductor with alternating current will produce vibration.The drive coil of the vibration table is officially located in a gap with high magnetic induction intensity. When the required vibration signal is generated from the signal generator or vibration controller and amplified by the power amplifier to the drive coil, the vibration waveform of the vibration table will be generated.

Elecromagnetic vibration table photos is below: