What is the ring strength and flat strength of paper?How to test?

- Oct 10, 2019-

Paper ring compression strength and flat compression strength is the most important strength index of corrugated paper, carton paper, it is one of the key indicators to measure the quality of paper.Ring compression strength (referred to as RCT) refers to the maximum compression force that the edge of the ring specimen can withstand until it collapses, expressed as kN/m.Flat compression strength (referred to as CMT) refers to the maximum compression force that a sample of a certain specification can bear when it is raised on the grooving instrument and then glued into a single-sided corrugated with adhesive tape.

Equipment to be purchased for testing ring strength and compression strength: computer compression tester, grooving tester, ring pressure sampler and center plate.During the strength test of ring compression, the standard specimen with the size of 152mm× 12.7mm can be punched with the special sampler of ring compression, which is placed in the center plate to form a ring, and then placed on the computer compressor for ring compression test.During the strength test, the sample with the size of 152mm× 12.7mm was put into the cao grain tester for lifting, and then the compression test was carried out on the computer compressor.