UVA340 uv lamp for UV aging machine

- May 11, 2019-


UVA340 uv lamp is a kind of low pressure mercury lamp

Technical parameters of ultraviolet lamp

1. Lamp power: 40W,100W

2. Lamp tube length: 1100-1200mm

3. Irradiance range: 0-1.0/M2 adjustable (340nm or 313nm)

4. Diameter: 26mm, 38mm, T8 or 313nm

5. Brand: imported from the United States

6. Application: it is mainly used in domestic or imported ultraviolet lamps to simulate the aging effect of the ultraviolet part of sunlight on materials.

Difference between uva-340 and uvb-313

Uv range: 290nm-400nm

1. Uva-340 can well simulate the ultraviolet part of sunlight

Uva-340 can well simulate the ultraviolet part of sunlight, which is suitable for the spectrum with the range of simulated wavelength of 315-400nm. The spectral energy is mainly concentrated at the wavelength of 340nm, so it is set as uva-340 lamp.

2.UVB313 is used for a large degree of artificial acceleration test, which can quickly obtain aging results.

UVB313 USES shortwave wavelengths that are shorter and more destructive than the usual UV wavelengths found on the earth's surface today.The uv spectrum of UVB313 with simulated wavelength of 290-315nm mainly focuses on the wavelength of 313nm, so it is set as UVB313 lamp.

Choice of ultraviolet lamp tube

1. The uva-340 lamp is required for most of the tests, which simulates the situation after the sunlight is irradiated at noon in summer and is more consistent with the effect after the outdoor sunlight is irradiated by ultraviolet rays.

2. The USB313 type lamp is recommended for accelerated aging test results. This lamp usually makes the material age faster, but may differ from the natural aging results.