Three common test methods for carton stacking test machine

- Nov 30, 2019-

Carton stacking machine three common test methods, the following haida small make up for you according to the three test methods to do a detailed introduction, for your reference:

A. plane pressure test

1. Put on the gloves and check whether the machine is powered on or off at first before the test. After switching on the power supply, press the power switch.

2. See "TM2101 software manipulation guide";

4. Test other packages of the same kind in turn according to the above 1~2 items, calculate the uniform value, that is, the * high resistance value of the package.

B. Edge and Angle resistance test

1. Before the peak, a certain load is applied as the initial load to make the test sample better at fighting with the upper and lower pressing plate.

2. When testing the edges and angles, place the edges or the two opposite angles of the package in the center of the machine, apply A certain initial load to make them fixed, and then test them according to test method A.The obtained * high pressure resistance value plus the initial load value is * high pressure resistance value of the edge and Angle.


C. Test method for cylindrical package

The specimen must be placed in A central position and the joint point is perpendicular to the upper and lower pressure plate table. Other test procedures are similar to test method A.