Testing equipment needed by printing industry

- Nov 07, 2019-

Double light source color match see plate table

1. Friction testing machine/friction testing machine:

It is suitable for testing the wear resistance of printing ink layer, PS plate photosensitive layer and related products.Effective analysis of printed matter rubbing poor, ink layer off, PS version of the poor resistance to printing and other products coating hardness.

2. Light source and kanban platform:

Used in printing, paint, ink, plastics, printing and dyeing, etc.

3. Ink layer bonding fastness tester:

It is suitable for testing the binding fastness of printing ink for plastic film and cellophane decoration printed matter (including composite film printed matter) produced by gravure printing process.It is also used to test the adhesion of vacuum coating, surface coating and composite.

4. Gas chromatograph (ink solvent residue detector) :

Solvent residue detector, also known as packaging gas chromatograph, is mainly suitable for packaging and related enterprises for solvent residue, odor analysis, ink solvent residue, solvent purity analysis.There are many kinds of gas chromatographs in the market, but the gas chromatographs in the packaging industry are not fully suitable for product testing in other industries.


The above is the printing industry more commonly used equipment, in addition to the equipment, but also a lot of if necessary can be purchased, such as ink proofing machine, paper ink absorption tester, printing adaptability tester.