Test steps for pendulum impact testing machine

- Jun 30, 2018-

1. Measure the thickness of the film specimen according to GB 6672, measure a point at the center of all specimens, and take the arithmetic average of 10 specimen tests. 

2. The punch is selected according to the desired impact energy of the anti-pendulum hammer, so that the reading is between the full range of 10%――90% 

3. Calibrate the instrument according to the instrument usage rules. 

4. The specimen should be flattened into the gripper clamping, the specimen should not be wrinkled or four weeks tension is too large phenomenon.

The impact surfaces of 10 specimens should be made consistent. 

5. Hang the pendulum on the release device, press the key on the computer to start the test, so that the pendulum impact specimen, the same step to do 10 Tests, after the end of the test automatically calculate the arithmetic average of 10 specimens.