Taking plastic film test as an example, how to buy electronic tensile machine

- Aug 30, 2019-

Use of electronic tensile testing machine can complete the test operation of tensile strength, breaking force, peeling force of plastic film and other materials, and provide reference for the quality control of physical properties of plastic and film products, and produce products with excellent performance.We need to first investigate the performance indexes of the testing range specification and the maximum tensile displacement that can be completed by this tension testing machine when using in the test, which is also the attention we should pay when buying an electronic tension testing machine.

So, in the purchase of electronic tensile testing machine when we need to pay attention to what, or we need to choose from which ideal suitable tensile testing machine?This article takes the plastic film electronic tension testing machine as an example, introduces how we buy the film material electronic tension machine.

1. Test the tension range of materials

The different tension range determines the different sensors used, which determines the structure of the electronic tension machine.For the general production of film and soft packaging materials, electronic tension machine pull range of 100 Newton is enough.Here take the electronic tensile testing machine as an example, its measuring range is 500N, can meet the plastic products, thin film material tensile testing requirements on the contrary, if you choose the market single-arm corresponding structure is the door structure tensile machine, it is suitable for a relatively large tensile force, such as a ton or more.So plastic flexible packaging materials are not suitable.

2. The test schedule

Plastic film electronic pull machine manufacturers according to the needs of flexible packaging film test performance and requirements, travel in 600-800mm can be.For some materials with a elongation of more than 1000%, you can choose one with a stroke of 1000mm. In this case, if you choose an electronic tensile tester with a range of 600, you will not be able to use it.

3. Test speed of tensile machine

Some tension machines in the market are in the range of 10~500mm/min, and some are in the range of 0.01~500mm/min. The former generally USES ordinary speed regulation system, with low cost and rough effect on accuracy.The latter USES servo system, which is expensive and high precision.For soft packaging enterprises, choose the servo system, the speed range of 1~500mm/min is enough, which does not affect the accuracy, the price and within a reasonable range.

4. Measurement accuracy

Including force accuracy, velocity accuracy, deformation accuracy, displacement accuracy.These precision values can be as high as plus or minus 0.5.But for the general electronic tension machine manufacturers, the accuracy of 1% is enough.In addition, the resolution of force value can almost reach one in 100,000.

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