Operation and principle of heat seal tester

- Aug 30, 2019-

As the main material of food, medicine and other packaging materials, plastic film packaging bag, flexible packaging composite film and other materials are widely used.Especially for the closed packaging of plastic packaging materials, it is required to have a strong heat sealing strength at the seal, in order to ensure the sealing performance of the internal articles.Professional heat sealing tester is adopted to help manufacturers quickly adjust and control production process by setting different heat sealing temperature, hot air time, and heat sealing pressure, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by unqualified product heat sealing process.

Heat seal tester is used to simulate the actual situation of the production line to find out the most suitable material heat seal temperature, time and pressure three important parameters, it is the ideal sealing strong test instrument for material manufacturers, the instrument meets many national and international standards QB/T 2358, ASTM F2029, YBB 00122003.

Working principle of heat seal tester:

The hot seal tester adopts the hot pressure sealing method, placing the sealed samples between the upper and lower hot seal heads, and completing the sealing of the samples under the preset temperature, pressure and time.Through repeated experiments, the best heat sealing parameters are found for users to provide guidance.To ensure a fast and accurate pressure setting, the heat seal clamp slowly approaches and seals the phase adjacent samples, so that the shorter sealing time can be accurately reproduced.The setting of heat sealing time can be arbitrarily set.After pressing the foot pedal switch, the sample is pressed, and its heat sealing time is determined by the pressing time of the foot pedal switch. Release the foot pedal switch, and the upper and lower heat sealing knife is separated from the pressing state, and the sample is heat sealed.

Introduction to the characteristics and advantages of the three indexes of the heat seal test instrument:

Temperature control, heat sealing head adopts aluminum potting heating components technology, ensures the head temperature distribution uniformity, temperature control system using the self-developed "temperature control system" to solve the traditional digital P, I, D temperature self-tuning system exists after the temperature rise rapidly, it takes a long time to slow down the problem, reduce test customer waiting time, temperature control accuracy is + / - 0.2 ℃.


Pressure adjustment: heat seal tester adopts high-precision pressure control components and dual-cylinder synchronous circuit design to ensure test pressure uniformity and smooth operation.


Time: using microcomputer and electromagnetic switch closed loop control, microcomputer automatic split 1 seconds for 65000 (i.e., 1\65000) at the same time cooperate with built-in electromagnetic switch to control time, double head fully automatic control heat sealing after setting time, effectively avoid sealing head movement under the hollow trip (not hot-pressing sealing state) consumed time, really ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the test time.

Heat-sealing tester adopts the hot-pressing sealing method mentioned above, and helps manufacturers to master and adjust the range of heat-sealing parameters of their products through the adjustment and control of three main parameters, so as to produce packaging products with appropriate sealing strength.