NB600 Automatic Ink Proofer

- Aug 17, 2019-

Ink proofer is printed on different materials (including book paper, copper paper, matte paper, grey paper, film and tinplate);With ink injection, high repeatability;Safe and simple operation.


Uniform ink mode:

1, uniform ink speed can be switched between automatic and manual, suitable for different operating habits and special conditions;

2. Set the soft start mode of middle positioning without moving, which can reduce the uneven state of color development and the phenomenon of flying ink, and improve the precision of color development;

3, four sections of uniform ink mode time setting (each section can be set 0-200 seconds), can set arbitrary uniform ink mode: series positioning, intermittent by close, fixed by close and automatic speed change, more accurate and humanized;

Uniform ink pressure (automatic) : it can be adjusted automatically according to the wear condition of cots or the error of old and new cots.

Color development pressure (automatic) : automatically adjust according to the thickness of the material (-1~+1 mm), more accurate and convenient.

Color development effect: there is a 10mm light-colored area for secondary development, which can more accurately and intuitively compare the differences between the two colors when comparing inks .

Cleaning: the metal roller does not move in the cleaning mode, which is safe and convenient.

Cots: standard with ordinary and UV dual - purpose rollers.

Technical parameters:

1. Input voltage :AC220V 50Hz

2. Instrument power :350W

3. Effective area of ink color bars :40X220mm(4 bars) 60X220mm(3) 100X220mm(2 bars), optional

4. Exhibition material size: 290x250mm

5. Instrument dimension :555x440x320mm

6. Uniform ink speed: three speed direct speed regulation, respectively 400, 550, 700 RPM, frequency conversion speed regulation :0 to 1000 RPM.

7. Cross-color speed: three speed direct speed regulation, respectively 10, 15, 20 RPM, frequency conversion speed regulation :0-30 RPM.

8. Ink leveling time :1 to 800 seconds, adjustable.

9. Net weight of the whole machine: about 90Kg