Moisture meter Precautions

- Sep 30, 2018-

● The system is fully closed problem: Karl-FEI reagent Liquid Road Part of the connection must be fixed, from the reagent bottle to the metering pump to the reaction pool, otherwise the occurrence of reagent leakage will directly affect the test results.Another problem with its non-containment is that the titration end delay is caused by the absorption of air moisture in the test as a result of the Cam Fisher reagent. 

● The accuracy of sampling problems: in the calibration of Karl-Fisher reagent need to take 10mg water, as far as possible to use 10ul sampler, so not only accurate, fast, but also to prevent water droplets adhesion.Similarly, the use of methanol reagents, ethyl ester has a similar problem, after the release should pay attention to minimize the time to open the reaction pool.