Material analysis of different salt spray corrosion tester

- Nov 30, 2019-

Salt spray corrosion testing machine is used to assess the ability of material and its protective layer to resist salt spray corrosion, as well as similar protective layer process quality comparison, can also be used to assess the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosion of an experimental equipment.Widely used in electrical and electronic, electroplating, automotive industry, aerospace and other industrial fields. 

Since the 1980s, the salt spray corrosion testing machine has been widely used in China.Its shell is made of a kind of unsaturated resin by pressing shape, and then assembled.After using for a long time, the inner liner gradually produces aging and cracking phenomenon. After cracking, it gradually turns into leakage by seepage, and once the leakage of this material will be unable to repair.In addition, its high power consumption also wastes current scarce power resources.

The company aims at the shortcomings of this kind of experimental equipment, combined with the advantages of this kind of foreign experimental equipment to develop, design and produce a high efficiency, low consumption, long life salt spray corrosion experimental equipment.After being put into the market, the products have been in short supply.

The following is the comparison between the new equipment and the fiberglass equipment materials:

1. The fiberglass shell is mixed with unsaturated resin, curing agent, talcum powder, pigment, etc., and is formed by pressing mold forming and assembly combination. As time goes by, the surface will turn yellow and not suitable for swabbing.And the plastic shell is imported hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polypropylene (PP), synthetic carbonic acid (PC) and other plastic plate by high temperature molding, and then by planing, milling, grinding and other processes, * after high temperature welding.

2, glass reinforced plastic shell * high temperature resistance of 50℃, if a long time to do high temperature test is easy to make the aging of the box, once the water can not be repaired, thereby reducing the service life.The plastic shell is made of * new imported heat-resistant material, the test temperature can reach 60-90℃, and the plastic joints are welded at high temperature, which will never leak.

3, glass fiber reinforced plastic salt spray test box cover still USES resin material built-in iron plate, back with iron hinge, open is very inconvenient.And the equipment for corrosion test equipment, salt spray is easy to cause the corrosion of the metal, so the iron hinge is not desirable.The cover of the new plastic salt spray test box is made of imported high-strength transparent polyvinyl chloride. The back is made of homemade plastic hinge, which is lighter and easier to open.The whole case cover is transparent, and the test product and test status can be seen in a glance.