Knowledge of electromagnetic vibration table

- Oct 10, 2019-

Vibration table technical parameters

Direction of vibration: vertical + horizontal (less used) triaxial (vertical + horizontal) □ four-dimensional vertical + horizontal movement at the same time on the same table six degrees of air up and down/around the same table at the same time.

Vibration table frequency :(l-type series fixed frequency 50HZ) 1-600hz 1-3000h 1-5000hz;Control mode: power frequency control (l-series) standard (full function) microcomputer (full function, record, store, print, modify (including printer) amplitude/acceleration: amplitude 0-5mm/acceleration 0-20g, mesa size: 35*35cm 50*50cm (standard) 75*75cm 100*100cm bearing: 0-100kg (standard)

Why is a vibration test necessary

Any product may be defective for a period of time due to transportation, use, storage, collision and vibration.In the use of a lot of products, because of habit, a lot of products are at this time bad even just beyond the warranty period or because the value is not high or because the service point is difficult to find, the product of bad criticism of the brand, how many manufacturers know?The ability to improve the design and production quality can help the product to show unexpected defects.For example: design department, can analyze the damage point, easy to defect point quality department, can analyze the difference produced by each batch, easy to defect point production department, can completely vibration side measurement, more so that the product defect rate early detection.Durability measurement allows products to be durable and components that are not durable to be improved in advance, and the company's brand reputation will be better.

The vibration table is divided by frequency

Fixed frequency /50HZ (or a fixed power supply frequency) 1-600hz 1-300hz 1-5000hz 1-10000hz

All kinds of microcomputer control (can print each data) standard control (function with microcomputer control but can not print) fixed frequency control (that is, can only adjust the amplitude, can not adjust the frequency five, vibration direction of the vibration table

Vertical (up and down) (Y axis) horizontal (around before and after) (Z, X axis) vertical + horizontal vibration at the same time different table four dimensional machine (vertical + horizontal) the same table simultaneous action machine six dimensional (up and down/left and right/before and after) the same table simultaneous action six, vibration waveform

Sine wave (full wave) sine wave (half wave) random vibration multi-order random vibration frequency band width random vibration

Separate vibration (up / / about) before and after the all-in-one with four degrees vibration (1)/(2) and/or so (3) before and after the up and down around/about) all-in-one fourth consecutive vibration (1) to before and after (2) up and down, up and down or so (3) with six degrees - or so) before and after the machine vibration (up / / about) before and after the all-in-one six degrees of continuous vibration to back and forth, up and down (or so) any direction continuously all can) at all levels of road simulation shaking table random vibration with wide band random vibration of random vibration, multistage train vibration simulation cross-country road vibration simulation simulation round body