Ink proofer introduction

- Jul 05, 2019-

Ink proofer, the role is to ink and other colors on the substrate, observation and testing, so as to be used in practical production.

In the industry, there are a variety of name, such as the car, ink car, toner, proofing, proofing, printing suitability, printing car, etc., the design of conventional offset, gravure, flexo, screen printing, spraying, etc.

On the market, the exhibition color instrument has semi-automatic type, more automatic type.If you want to operate simple, accurate adjustment, of course, the choice of automatic vehicle color.

Application: it can imitate the working principle of printing press, with adjustable pressure and a wide range of substrates, suitable for printing, packaging, ink and coating enterprises. It can accurately predict the color of ink, which can be developed once in 2 minutes.At the same time, it avoids the excessive time of printing machine caused by color mixing, and improves the production efficiency of printing machine.

The solution and the traditional way to deal with spot color contrast

contentTraditional way of dealing with spot colorsSolution for ink proofer
Check spot color

Manual color rendering is difficult and error is large;

After the printing machine, it needs to be repeatedly adjusted, which consumes a lot of production time and materials of printing equipment.

Some materials can not be manually color

Analog printing mechanism for color bar, fast, accurate and easy to check;

Does not need to occupy the printing press time, only needs the small amount of material, the test printing cost is low.

Wet, dry ink changes on colorOn the printing press, the ink drying time is too long, difficult to control.Can be used before printing suitable color bar, dry after contrast, eliminate in advance.
Order spot color from spot color ink deployment company

There are different paper, color difference;

When the quantity is small, the order is difficult, the time is long, the price is expensive and so on disadvantageous factors.

Can be produced on the paper printed color bar, eliminate differences.

There are seven functions of the vehicle through simulated printing:

1, spot color proofing

Multi-section roentgen can print different color bars or the same ink color bar with different ink layer thickness at the same time. It can also print new and old inks on the same printing material for comparison, providing efficient color comparison.

2, four color ink detection

Can detect ink hue, gloss, color concentration;Starting from the control of raw material quality of ink, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the quality of printing products.

3, for customer pre-press spot color approval

Simple color bar can be made for customer's pre-press approval or archiving.

4, detection of dry, wet ink discoloration degree

Exhibition machine to display the required spot color ink color bar, dry after the spot color dry hue.(for example: purple, dark blue dry will turn red phenomenon, can be eliminated before printing.)

5, with ink quantitative instrument use

6.Data management

7.Color bar data report (Lab value) can be measured with spectrophotometer for color inspection.

Cooperate with relevant instruments

Can predict ink wear resistance, fading, transfer and resistance to light and heat.