Influencing factors of concrete quality

- Jan 16, 2019-

The quality of concrete is closely related to the type of admixture, the amount of admixture and the way of blending, and it is also one of the important factors affecting the strength of concrete. Concrete strength can only ensure normal development under the suitable conditions of temperature and humidity, and should be maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Construction code. The temperature and height have a certain influence on the strength development of concrete. In summer, we should prevent the exposure of the sun, make full use of the time of early and late temperature pouring concrete, shorten the transportation and pouring time, prevent the exposure of the sun, and increase the degree of collapse when the mixing is out of the tank, the maintenance should not be intermittent watering, because the concrete surface in the drying temperature rise, cooling when watering, This alternating effect of heat and cold will reduce the strength and crack resistance of concrete. In winter to keep warm and frost damage, the current winter construction generally take comprehensive heat storage method and steaming method.