How To Use Printing Ink Proofer

- Apr 29, 2019-

I. preparation before starting up the color indicator.    

1.1 check whether the power line connection is normal.    

1.2 the machine switch button shall be in the OFF state before starting the machine.    

1.3 whether the printing surface is clean without any protrusion (it should be noted that the surface of rubber cloth on the printing wheel is clean).   

1.4 check whether there is any abnormal condition in the connection of each operation part, which should be removed immediately (such as screw loosening and fastening).    

1.5 check whether there are any residues on the four-color ink stick, dip appropriate amount of gasoline on the cloth, manually rotate and wipe it again for easy use.    

1.6 check the ink roller (the specific operation method is the same as 1.4). 

2.Test machine.    

2.1 plug the color display instrument power source into the [triangle] fixed jack and turn ON the machine power (from OFF state to ON state, and the green light will be ON).    

2.2 during the cleaning operation, press the emergency stop button to test the safety state.Start the test the same way.Display color and other corresponding safety measures. 

Three: ink.    

3.1 dip the prepared ink into the appropriate amount with the dedicated small ink knife, unscrew the microneedle caliper, load the appropriate amount of ink, and extrude a certain amount of ink onto the transfer stick according to the scale indicated by the microneedle caliper. 

Four: color.    Color Ink proofer

4.1 before playing color, must carry out the relevant parameter data set, on the control panel: for each time period of distributing time T1 said (S for seconds), press the up and down key time adjustments, T2 for each time period distributing then crosses the ink stick and ink stick temporarily disconnect (S says the number of seconds), proposal: set the T1 as 18 S, T2 for 1 S.

4.2 adjustment can be made according to the actual situation of low, medium and high three grades of uniform ink speed.   

4.3 after setting relevant parameters, press the start button to evenly color the ink.    

4.4 in the absence of any special conditions, the machine will automatically complete the whole process of color printing and terminate the operation at will, which will shorten the service life of the machine. 

Five: exhibition color instrument exhibition color.    Printing ink proofer

5.1 cutting the printing materials: the monochrome is 60MM*270MM, the two-color is 130MM*270MM, the three-color is 190MM*270MM, and the four-color is 240MM*270MM.It is suggested to cut it to 240MM*270MM as the standard size for easy switching.   

5.2 before color development, the color development speed of low, medium and high grades can be adjusted (according to the actual situation).   

5.3 fix the cut material along the edge of the printing wheel.    

5.4 before starting the color display button, it is necessary to adjust the color display speed. The corresponding color display objects can be displayed in low, medium and high ways according to the actual situation, in order to achieve the desired color display effect, so as to understand the direction of color mixing more accurately and avoid unnecessary color mixing time errors.Truly accurate. Time - saving. Effort - saving results.   

5.5 start the color display button for color display. 

Vi: color indicator cleaning.    Offset ink proofer

6.1 press the cleaning button twice in a row, pour an appropriate amount of gasoline on the ink stick, and let the machine clean automatically until clean.    

6.2 turn OFF the power supply (from ON state to OFF state).    

6.3 wipe the ink stick, ink stick and the residues on the printing wheel manually only when the power is completely disconnected. Take out the iron box under the ink stick and wipe it clean.    

6.4 finally, clean up the tools and related items near the machine.