How to use Ink Proofer

- Jun 29, 2019-

Ink Proofer is also called ink proof machine,printing ink proofer,color palette machine is a simulation of printing ink color in the state of fitness.There are automatic and semi-automatic types of vehicle.It can shorten the time of color matching, reduce the cost of proofing, and quickly determine whether the ink meets the needs of printing parts.With adjustable pressure and a wide range of substrate, it can accurately predict the color of the ink.Cleaning is also very convenient, saving printing machine development and the waste of paper, ink, water and electricity.At the same time, it avoids the long time of printing and painting machine caused by color mixing, and improves the production efficiency of printing machine.Before use of the roentgenometer, we need to prepare: cots cleaning fluid (car wash), cotton, small ink knife, substrate, quantitative instrument, ink to be measured.Before color development, dip cotton into an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid to clean the chrome roller and rubber roller of the color development apparatus.Take ink with quantameter and apply ink evenly to the part of the cots.Fix the substrate on the vehicle.

1) turn on the switch and let the roentgen roll the ink evenly.

2) click the color display button to start proofing.

3) take excellent strips and measure them after drying.

4) clean the vehicle.