How to operate the melt index instrument?

- Apr 23, 2020-

This can be operated according to the instructions or under the guidance of the manufacturer.

a. Set the temperature and wait for stability;

b. Need to clean the piston rod of the cylinder. After cleaning, insert the piston rod and wait for the temperature to stabilize;

c. Pull out the piston rod;

d. Feeding, compaction (stress should be completed within 1min), reinsert the piston rod;

e. Wait 4 ~ 6 minutes (as specified, according to the regulations, generally after 4 minutes, the temperature has begun to enter a stable state);

f. Weighting question code;

g. If there is too much material, or move down to the starting scale is too slow, you can use the hand pressure or increase the weight to press, so that the test start line on the piston rod is quickly reached;

h. Timing, internal cutting, can cut several segments;

i. Weighing;

j. Calculate and take the average;

k. Use gauze, special tools (cleaning rod) to clean the cylinder and piston rod. If the viscosity of the material is too heavy, it is not easy to clean. Allow some lubricant on the surface, such as paraffin.