How to choose ring crush tester manufacturer

- Oct 21, 2019-

Ring crush tester manufacturers should pay attention to below:

Ring pressure tester also known as compression tester, edge pressure tester, flat pressure tester.Ring pressure testing machine is mainly used in paper ring pressure test, paperboard edge pressure (compression), bonding strength and flat pressure strength test, and small carton paper tube compression test.Ring press tester is mainly used for paper ring press strength (RCT) with thickness of 0.15 ~ 1.00mm.Corrugated cardboard marginal pressure strength (ECT), flat crush strength (FCT has grown), adhesive strength (PAT) and diameter of less than 60 mm flat crush strength of paper core (CMT) small paper tube test, such as ring crush tester can also change the pressure plate is applied to all kinds of paper cup, paper bowl, paper barrel, paper tube and small boxes and other types of small containers or honeycomb panel testing compressive strength, deformation, ring crush tester is paper cup, paper bowl, paper barrels of production enterprises and quality testing department ideal test equipment.


Ring press machine can be used with a variety of materials to do the test, then in the selection of paper ring press need to pay attention to what?

1. If there is no suitable ring press tester manufacturer, then it is necessary to find a ring press tester dealer to purchase.Ring pressure testing machine in the procurement process can not blindly covet convenience, authorized dealers to purchase a full set of ring pressure testing machine.This will cause inconvenience and expensive repairs in the future

2. Shop around according to high-quality ring pressure testing machine, and then determine how to purchase further.

3. Don't blindly pursue well-known brands:

Should consider the actual situation of the enterprise, in order to spend less money to purchase high-precision ring pressure testing machine.Find suitable for their own enterprises ring pressure testing machine not only for enterprises to save procurement costs, and indirectly promote the development of ring pressure testing machine this industry.

4. Professional manufacturers who give priority to ring pressure testing machine:

The advantage is timely delivery, timely maintenance, repair charge reasonable, insufficient place is the payment is more harsh, and the vast majority is to pay for goods in place to be willing to ship.This involves how to identify the ring pressure testing machine manufacturers are real ring pressure testing machine manufacturers