How to choose a suitable carton compression machine for carton testing equipment

- Oct 21, 2019-

Carton compression machine also known as carton compression strength testing machine, a lot of customers in the choice of carton pressure compression machine, have to go through a comprehensive consideration of many aspects, before deciding whether to buy.Now more and more places have to use the carton, so the user in the selection of carton compression machine from what aspects?


1. Test standards: tappi-804, jis-z02112, gb-4857, iso-2872, ista-a.b.c, etc.

2. Effective test space: currently, mainstream specifications on the market range from 50-150cm, but it is rarely mentioned that the suitability of sample and test space ratio is within 85%.

3, withstand pressure range: generally within 5ton if the stack board can reach 20ton, so should be according to their own needs to purchase.

4. Test item: it must be able to withstand pressure and stack according to the standard.

5. Transmission and mechanical structure: in the transmission structure, servo, frequency conversion, dc motor and servo motor are equipped with screw (screw) or tooth adjusting transmission. The former is expensive and can be used for high-precision test results with high repeatability.The most important thing for mechanical structure is that the design of buffer balance structure has a great influence on the accuracy.

6, control system: the main microcomputer (single chip microcomputer) with the printer, man-machine interface (PLC), and computer display or computer control.To the computer compression testing machine must be matched with servo motor to complete the computer control, otherwise it is the computer display.

7. Speed: as long as the speed control range is up to the standard, the servo motor can return to the initial test position faster and enter the next round of test faster.

8. Repeatability: all of the above will more or less affect the test results. It is very important to find a testing equipment with guaranteed quality, otherwise, different test data will lead to confusion.