How to calibrate the contact angle instrument by Standard sample

- Aug 28, 2019-

Standard sample calibration guidelines

1.  Objective: to ensure the accuracy of contact Angle measuring instrument, the standard sample is used regularly.

2.  usable rangeAll contact Angle meters

3.  Standard sample accuracy ±0.01°

4.  Standard sample angle 60°90°120° 3° 5° 8°  115°

5.  Equipment error ±1°

6.  Calibration step

1. Prepare a qualified standard sample, and clearly distinguish the positive and negative sides, as shown in picture 1, positive side and picture 2, negative side


2.Open the contact Angle measuring instrument and put it in the test state.Lower the loading platform and raise the syringe. Place the standard sample directly under the needle and keep the direction of the standard sample parallel to the lens surfaceSuch as picture 3


                                         Picture 3

3. Slowly raise the object carrier, observe the display, whether there is a standard sample pattern, pay attention to the standard sample does not touch the needle.if the pattern appears biased to the two sides, can adjust the X/Y axis of the object carrier to do left and right and back and forth movement, as shown in picture 4 to make the standard sample pattern in the middle.As shown in picture 5, if the picture is not clear, the lens can be adjusted to fine tune.Make the pattern as clear as possible.As shown in picture 6



4.If it is found that the standard pattern is not in parallel with the reference line, rotate the camera until it is parallel.As shown in picture 7


5.When all debugging is completed, press 2 to automatically fit, or manually fit, repeatability test can be done, as shown in picture 8