Function and application field of droplet Angle tester/Contact angle tester

- Aug 17, 2019-

Droplet Angle measuring instrument is also called contact Angle measuring instrument. It can be used in many industries, such as glass lens coating, chemical coating, adhesive adhesion test, plastic composite surface adhesion test, LED electronic components before welding bond, adhesive analysis and so on.Accurate data can be obtained through instrument testing to provide guarantee for the next production of various industries, which is the necessary instrument and equipment for high-tech production of various industries at present.

Function: the contact Angle measuring instrument is mainly used to analyze the wettability (hydrophilic and hydrophobic) of the product;It can be divided into three test functions: droplet Angle test, surface energy test, surface tension test and interface tension test.

Why do drop Angle and contact Angle tests for glass cover plates?

Contact Angle and droplet Angle are the abbreviation of this detection equipment in the industry;Its professional name is: optical contact Angle measuring instrument;The contact Angle is mainly used to analyze the wettability (hydrophilic and hydrophobic) of the product.

Glass cover need to test with contact Angle because: glass plate surface needs to be a waterproof coating technology of fingerprint processing, coating process is divided into two kinds: one is vacuum coating, a kind of direct injection for AF, finish the process after processing to the product is need to super hydrophobic effect (above 115 ° before industry standard: wear-resisting, wear after the minimum above 100 °), so you need to contact Angle for quality monitoring, judge whether the coating process to achieve the customer's requirement standard.

Drop Angle, contact Angle tester for which industries?

Specific applications: chemical industry (used to analyze the surface tension and wettability of products)

Glass industry (used to analyze hydrophobicity of products)

Circuit board industry (used to analyze hydrophilicity and surface energy of products)

PE/PVC/PET protective film (analysis of hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of products)

Textile industry (analysis of hydrophobicity of products)

LED industry (analyze the effect of plasma cleaning)

Other various needs to analyze product wettability industry

What is the function of droplet Angle and contact Angle measuring instrument?

The contact Angle is mainly used to analyze the wettability (hydrophilic and hydrophobic) of the products, and to monitor the quality of our products;Its testing functions are generally divided into three types:

One: contact Angle test

The contact Angle test products are mainly for the glass industry, mainly because the products will be treated with hydrophobic process (coating treatment), and the contact Angle is used to analyze the accurate effect of hydrophobic process.To determine whether our products can meet our quality standards.Two: surface energy test

Can test the surface of the products are mainly for the LED industry, PCB industry, mainly products should pass (Plasma), Plasma cleaning, clean finished product process is sticking or binding, the contact Angle of the equipment is used to detect the effect of Plasma cleaning, we Plasma cleaning the clean, about the high surface energy, the higher the surface energy, paste the effect of the product is better, so the contact Angle is used to effective guarantee the quality of the products to us.

Three: surface tension test and interface tension test

The products of table interfacial tension are mainly used in universities and chemical industry. The function of contact Angle is to conduct professional and accurate analysis of table interfacial tension value and provide professional and accurate data value for reference.