friction coefficient instrument solves the detection of dynamic and static friction coefficient of thin film

- Aug 30, 2019-

Plastic flexible packaging materials such as plastic film, composite membrane, food, medicine, electron, etc., widely quoted, in the field of plastic film to more attention and more relevant indicators, among them, the thin film material requires a standard of measuring instrument to assess the friction coefficient friction coefficient, in order to prevent the normal operation of the production line of thin film materials, etc.

Friction coefficient meter can solve the static and static friction coefficient of plastic and film materials.After years of research and development and improvement, the friction coefficient tester adopts world-renowned imported components, which makes the test performance more stable and reliable.In order to improve the accuracy of test results, 15S adopts automatic timing of standing time and automatic zero cleaning of dynamic and static friction coefficients to ensure full contact between samples

Film, plastic friction coefficient measuring instruments in research and development and test all refer to a number of national standards, such as: GB/T10006-88 "plastic, thin film and sheet, the determination of friction coefficient, the basic structure of instrument, a level test rig, slider, force measurement and control system, and make the level of the test of two test surface relative movement of driving mechanism, etc;The test slider shall have a square bottom with a side length of about 63mm, and the instrument driving speed shall be kept at 100±10mm/min.


During the test, the two test materials that are in contact with each other are moved relative to each other under certain contact pressure, and the required force is recorded by the instrument sensor, which is the testing principle of this friction coefficient testing instrument.


At the same time, in order to enhance the accuracy of the system test, film instrument test mesa of dynamic and static friction coefficient and sliding block all pass "degaussing process" and "remanent magnetization treatment", effectively reduce the error of the system test, great convenience to the user operation and the analysis of the results, is a manufacturer of trusted choice and a professional high precision, high efficiency equipment