Fault repair of tensile pressure tester

- Dec 01, 2018-

1. After turning on the power switch, if the light is not lit or the controller is not displayed, check that the power supply line is connected, there is no installation of the fuse.

2. When the amplitude is output, turn on the function switch to "on", the rotation amplitude switch is vibration-free, check the output terminal is connected or the interface is connected incorrectly.

3. Amplitude rotation to the maximum, noise and table movement, the main reason is the large operating current, and the amplitude out of control, that is more than the self-debugging of the <5mm controls, should be adjusted small amplitude twist and amplitude modulation control parameters to eliminate this failure.

4. There is a slight "hissing" sound or obvious abnormal phenomenon in the work, should be immediately shut down to check:

● Open the table Shell Shield to check the vibration shrapnel has no fracture, remove the replacement or send the manufacturer repair or the quantity of good shrapnel long and generous call manufacturers sent to your company to change.

● Screws have no loosening or shedding, re-fixing or tightening. 

● Check the inside of the table to enter foreign bodies, clear clean.