Discussion on the basic knowledge of hot air circulation oven and the method of purchase

- Oct 10, 2019-

Hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts fan circulation air supply mode, the air circulation is uniform and efficient.The air source is driven by the circulating air supply motor (with contactless switch) through the heater to send the hot air out, and then through the air duct to the oven chamber, and then the air after use is inhaled into the air duct to become the air source for re-circulation and heating.Make the indoor temperature uniform.Hot air circulation oven generally has heat pipe, the oven with a circulating fan can be called hot air circulation oven, because no matter what structure of the oven, the wind direction is horizontal or vertical, in the final analysis is hot air circulation in the oven, so can be called hot air circulation oven, such as electric heating blast air oven, high temperature sterilization oven to open the door.This is one of the characteristics of hot air circulation oven, high safety effect, for the operation link can be according to their own requirements and control.

At the same time in the same industry equipment hot air circulation oven has 2 significant characteristics, 1, the oven has internal circulation function, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.2. With the function of forced ventilation, air duct is set in the oven to dry evenly.

From the appearance, the greater the volume, production capacity will be stronger, but the factors are not decisive factor of production capacity, also the size of the electric power, the characteristics of the production materials, as well as the production of large space, can not blindly buy when buy, before XuShi requirement need enterprise or compare the control parameter is enough to buy, not with size and functional objective judgement capacity, the higher costs, the size of the production capacity is made up of a number of factors.

Hot air circulation oven is mainly used for drying, heating and heat treatment of test products in industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, medical and health care, laboratory and other units.Note: this machine is not suitable for volatile, inflammable and explosive articles.