Common problems of salt fog machine and its treatment

- Nov 30, 2019-

Salt fog machine, alias "salt fog box", is one of the artificial environment three prevention series, mainly is to simulate the ocean surrounding climate on the destructive products, suitable for galvanized, coating, electrical electronics, zipper buttons and other industrial products, very wide use.If there are some small problems in the use of the test interruption and can not be handled in time, resulting in the need to retest, it will be very time-consuming and consuming.

In the use of salt fog machine, some common problems are in fact we can be immediately processed, the following to talk about the salt fog machine four common problems and processing.

One, can not spray

During the process of use, the salt spray machine suddenly stopped spraying, which should be experienced by many users, don't panic, we only need to do two steps to check it:

1, check whether the nozzle is blocked, broken phenomenon, if there is, then change the nozzle (* good standing a);Check the nozzle position is not aligned, if slanted, re - aligned nozzle;Check the brine bucket and pressure bucket for water shortage.

2, check the air, if there is no air at the nozzle, check the air pressure regulating valve and solenoid valve is not bad, if bad, replace it.

2. It cannot be heated

The heating system of salt fog machine is: power supply -- switch -- heating tube -- temperature control, which is divided into two heating systems, one is the pressure drum heating system, the other is the laboratory heating system.According to the domestic standard, the temperature of the pressure drum is set at 47° and the temperature of the laboratory is set at 35°.

1. The pressure drum cannot be heated;

Pressure bucket can't heating, generally ruled out first relay any bad (relay with a little green light, if in a heating state will normally on), if no problem, the measured pressure barrels on both ends of the heating tube voltage (220 v), excluding the two problems, only two reasons, one for burn out pressure bucket of warm feeling silk, secondly, temperature control table is bad, replace the warm feeling first commonly silk (cheaper), * and then change the temperature control table.

Note: the heating tube will not burn out after several years of use. If there is no improvement after replacing the temperature control meter, the heating tube will be replaced after *.

2. The laboratory cannot be heated

The treatment method is the same as the pressure bucket, but the temperature control in the laboratory has a primary path through the temperature protection switch, and the inspection should first check whether the temperature protection switch has formed a circuit (the voltmeter is adjusted to 750V ac range, one end measures the relay, one end measures the temperature protection, if there is a 220V voltage is OK, otherwise the temperature protection needs to be replaced).

No indication of high or low water level

The display of high and low water level is controlled by the upper and lower two float switches in the pressure bucket. First, check whether there is any current to the float switch. After eliminating the circuit problem, it can be generally determined that the float switch itself is broken and can be replaced.

Iv. The pressure gauge shows no pressure or the pressure shows big after air opening

Generally, the pressure regulating valve is broken, which can be replaced. In addition, it is suggested that the customer install the filter cup before the air pipe enters the pressure regulating valve, because there is water in the air, it is easy to plug the pressure regulating valve and the relay.